Top Speed S2
185.660 km/h
- Year
- Track
First S1 Season
Year of birth
187 cm
88 kg

Speed 1

Marc Amann


Marc Amann is a S1 speed ski racer from Germany.

Marc is a talented racer and ski instructor currently working in Sass Fee. He made his speed ski debut as a junior in Austria in 2012. His final year as a junior, 2015, was crowned with a 1'st place in the World Championship SDHJ (junior class).

2016 Marc started racing the full SDH class where the first races were somewhat problematic. However, 10 days later in Vars, he set a personal record of 186,66 km/h placing himself on the podium again. During 2017 he's been on the podium in almost all of his races. Marc is known for being an upbeat and very technical racer.

For 2018 Marc is switching to the premier Speed 1 class in the FIS Speed Skiing World Cup.

When not speed skiing Marc alternates between alpine racing, pumping powder and cycling, depending on season and conditions.