What is speed-ski.com?

Speed-ski.com is a news page about the sport of Speed Skiing. It is focused on the individuals performing the sport, the current races, and what's happening in the future.

Is it official?

It is not an official FIS Speed Skiing page. The only official FIS Speed Skiing page is http://www.fis-ski.com.
However, individual racers, teams and events may choose to use it as an official channel for their news, information, and promotional purposes.

Who is behind the page?

The content comes directly from the racers, organizers, leaders and ski resort representatives themselves. The photos, data and media is property of the individual contributors. The web site design, ui coding and backend services is done by Carl Ribbegårdh. He is also personally hosting the site.

How does the reviewing work?

News and content is reviewed by several racers, organizers, leaders and ski resort representatives. Did you find an error? Give us a shout quickly using the "Send message" button on the
facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/speedskicom/

I have news I want to share!

Send a message using the "Send message" button on the facebook page! Do you have photos? Make sure you are allowed to use them!

I like the page!

Please share it using your social networks. :)
This way our sport becomes more available and visible around the world.
Thank you.