Photo: Theo Loustau Cazalet



Simon Billy fastest in the second day of Speed Masters

Speed Masters 2018 - Day 2

The expectations from the racers was high today, after waiting for two days for the weather to allow Speed Skiing. The track was meticulously groomed yesterday after heavy snowfall and 35 cm fresh powder everywhere. The new snow was cold and abrasive so the track was now much slower. Since the track had changed so much, the start was from the same point as it ended day 1. The traverse.

First run - From the traverse

Valentina Greggio took back the womens leaderboard on the first run with a speed of 205.362 from Celia Martinez at 203.046 who has been challenging almost every race this season.

Manuel Kramer who had been dominant the first day of the races showed that he was fast today as well. 214.669 was 4 km/h faster than the rest. Michail Shumilin did a great run and took the second place with 210.896 km/h. At almost the same speed Simon Billy came down in 3'rd with a speed of 210.526 km/h. Also in the same km/h Bastien Montes, who managed 210.280 km/h. In 5'th Racek Cermak 208.333.

The leaderboard would however change already before next start. Disaster struck the Austrian team as Manuel Kramer was disqualified for a back protector that didn't conform to the specifications. Now the Russian Michail Shumilin was the leader and Simon and Bastien 2'nd and 3'rd.

Second run - Above the rock

The second run started above the rock, so the racers had to get to the top and start sliding down along the rope to the start.

This run Valentina Greggio raised the bar with a 214.541, but Celia Martinez answered with a phenomenal 218.050. She would now be 4'th in the mens category!!

Track local Simon Billy did a perfect run and ended the day on the top of the scoreboard at 222.494 km/h. Teammate Bastien Montes was just 0.1 km/h behind in second place. Bastuen Montes was happy with his run. "Not so bad but need faster snow!!"

Michail Shumilin who had done such a perfect first run, did a solid second run but had picked the wrong pair of skis costing him in speed. With a 217.319 he's now currently in 6'th. Radek Cermak at 218.579 km/h instead picked the 3'rd spot and looks solid in his performance. He hopes for faster snow tomorrow. Philippe May and Jukka Viitasaarin joins Michail with 217 speeds. Philippe at 217.786 and Jukka at 217.654.

The speeds are close at the top of the scoreboard.

Today had slow snow, but the sun is really warming everything up. Tomorrow is the big day and hopefully the track will be much faster!