Sebastian Lindblom wins Swedish Championship

The Swedish Championships were held today in Sunshine and a great prepared track.

The championship is open, so many other racers from other nationalities joins in and uses it as a valuable training day for the upcoming world cup races thursday to saturday.

We already knew that Jonathan, the local junior racing in S1 since this season, was seriously fast in the premiere in Vars earlier this year. But for this race, yet another interesting Swede turned up. The ski cross coach Sebastian Lindblom, who has been having his own speed ski racing on the back burner for the last seasons with the occasional championship attendance. Sebastian has so far been a 100% SDH (former S2 class) with roots in DH and alpine racing. He has been racing speed ski since 2010 and has much more often been on the podium than not. Today in his premier race he was fastest of all, including the Italians, Austrians and the French World Champion. He won the Swedish championships and seems to have handled the transition remarkably well.

Seasoned racer and aero guru Mats Abrahamsson did solid runs and placed second in the Swedish championship. Super talent Jonathan took a third place. Carl Ribbegårdh 4'th, and Lars Beskow 5'th.

In the womens class Lisa Hovland Uden did a very strong final run and took the gold medal. Britta Backlund who changed to S1 last year with very good resuts placed 2'nd. Hanna Matslofva 3'rd.

An interesting change to the track for this year is the snow ramp that usually is a bit back from the edge of the slope. For this year, the snow ramp is added directly at the edge, so now the track is simply 5 meters higher. The edge is also steeper, so it's not at all possible to see the main part of the track from the starting line. Exciting for the racers, but it also makes it difficult to choose a line.

Tomorrow starts the qualifying runs for the World Cup!

The complete results list is available here. Results SM 2018