Final day in Canada brings changes to the World Cup standings

Race Report WC 7, Sun Peaks - 7 March 2018

The final WC races in Sun Peaks brought more clouds but great racing. The two World Cup races were followed by a run of the Velocity Challenge in clearing skies.

In the mens S1, Simone Origone got the upper hand on Manuel Kramer, who had the lead after the first run of the day. Seeing them switching places on the podium all of the three races in Sun Peaks, it will be interesting to see who will have the upper edge in Idre next.

Ivan Origone claimed his second podium this season. His racing looks really good and he should be able to do good results forward. Ivan is quickly closing in on 4'th placed Bastien Montes who's currently holding the third place in the totals.

Tawny Wagstaff 5'th, again a brilliant result of this New Zealander racer who makes his first S1 season. Tawny climbs to 5'th in the totals passing Jan Farrell and Klaus Shrottshammer, who now has dropped to 7'th place.

In the womens S1 Celia Martinez was faster than Valentina Greggio in the first run, being the first racer this season to challenge her for the 1'st place. However in the finals Valentina pulled no punches and reached the fastest Womens speed of all the WC race runs in Sun Peaks this season. There is no denying Valentina knows what she is doing on a pair of skis.

The mens S2 races brought back the podium from the first race in Canada with Michel Goumouens taking the first spot, Brad Wallinder in second and Jeffrey Mika in third place. Dissapointing for Jeff who was leading in the semi finals.

After the races the timing zone was moved further down for the Velocity Challenge and the 25 m trap. Chris Gebbie from New Zealand said that it was the best run of the week. "Clear sky and the track was fantastic. Best I have seen it."
With 179.57 km/h, Simone Origone again proved his worth and took the Sun Peaks record from Kenny Dale.

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Thank you Sun Peaks, FIS, Organizers and Sun Peaks Speed Skiing Club!

Photos: Sun Peaks Speed Skiing Club