Jan Farrell on the podium in Canada

Race Report WC 6, Sun Peaks - 6 March 2018

The second day in Sun Peaks started with a slight overcast, but the clouds came rolling in making the light flat. In the final run, there were even snow falling. The speeds were slightly faster today. Having all of the runs from the top was probably a bigger factor than snow and temperature.

In the S1 mens, Italian Simone Origone was fastest by the smallest possible margin, 0.08 km/h before Manuel Kramer. This means that after yesterdays tie with Manuel in the total, Simone again leads. The two of them seem to have a big lead to the rest of the field.

The sensation of the day is Jan Farrell who took his first S1 podium. In 2014 he won the World Cup in SDH, but after switching to S1 he has not had a straight line to the podium. A good first season with a lot of top 10 positions, and a promising start of his second season was interrupted by a high speed crash in Vars 2016. Since then the form has not been as consistent, but with his determination the trend has been improving. In Canada now with a 5'th place yesterday and a 3'rd place today Jan shows he's clearly back in form!

The New Zealander Tawny Wagstaff who won the first SDH race here last year, has now clearly marked his spot on the Speed Skiing map. With a 4'th place he beats both Bastien Montes and Ivan Origone today. Both Tawny Wagstaff and Jan Farrell is in position to move past missing Klaus Schrottshammer in the total tomorrow.

Swiss racer Reto Eigenmann in 7'th just managed to keep Austrian Daniel Raab behind, who has improved a lot from yesterdays race climbing from 10th to 8th position.

Chris Gebbie NZL and Joost Vandendries battling it out for the 9'th position with just 0.18 km/h between.

In the womens S1, Valentina Greggio has now put in a new gear and held Celia Martinez behind comfortably the whole day.

In the S2 mens class, Michel Goumouens again proved to be the man in the 1'st spot. In the first run of the day Jeffrey had the edge, but in the end he had to settle for second. Canadas Brad Wallinder had to settle for 3'rd today.

Results available here: /Results/2018/S1/World-Cup-Race-6-Sun-Peaks

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Photos: Sun Peaks Speed Skiing Club