Top Speed S1
0.000 km/h
Top Speed S2
193.170 km/h
- Year
- Track
Year of birth
168 cm
78 kg

Speed 2

Václav Török


Vaclav Török is a Czech speed skier in the S2 category.

Vaclav was a was a completely average skier until a colleague, Czech speed skier Michal Prihoda told him enthusiastically about speed skiing. Vaclav became interested and started skiing much more than before. In 2004 he became Team Captain and Coach for the Czech Speed Ski Team. He decided to start racing himself the 2007 season.
Now he's a seasoned racer who very often makes top-10 results. His fastest speed 193.18 km/h is set in Verbier 2009.

Vaclav lives in Trutov. Off season he does a lot of mountainbiking to prepare for the racing.