Photo: Boris Soula
Top Speed S1
201.260 km/h
- Year
- Track
First S1 Season
Year of birth
178 cm

Speed 1

Teemu Suominen


Teemu Suominen, is as Finnish as they come. Strong, silent, enjoys motorsport, and even his name means from Finland.

Teemu started racing in SDH in Finland in 2006. The year after, in 2007, he did his first World Cup race in Hundfjället, Sweden, in the track known as The Wall.

For the years up to 2012 he concentrated his racing to Sweden and Finland, but in 2012 he tasted the Verbier track and improved his personal best to 179,91. Inspired by the higher speeds, he came back the next year and ran 201.26 on the same track.

Since then Teemu is a regular on the really fast European tracks. In 2017 he was not racing, but is set for a comeback in 2018.

When not skiing, you can find him on a motocross in the deep forests of Finland.