Top Speed S1
243.410 km/h
Top Speed S2
204.313 km/h
First S1 Season
Year of birth
172 cm
85 kg


Speed 2

Michel Goumoëns


Michel Goumoëns is a Swiss S2 racer. His career started in the French championships in Les Arcs in 1996. He passed the 200 km/h limit already his first year, skiing 205.832 km/h in his second race in Les Arcs. At the same track in 2002, Michel improved his personal best to 233.61 km/h.

He set his current record of 243.41 km/h at the Pro Mondial in Les Arcs 2005. He is the third fastest Swiss skier ever, only beaten by Jonathan Moret and Philippe May.

For 12 years (excluding 1999 and 2000) Michel was racing in S1 reaching speeds around 180-230 km/h. From 2005 his results were usually top 10 with only occasional exceptions.

In 2010 he decided to switch to the SDH class with standard downhill equipment (now known as S2). In the SDH class he has always been within top 10 and collected many podium positions. He knows how to ski fast, and doesn't seem to have a bad day ever.

He is one of the very few people who has skied faster than 200 km/h with downhill equipment. In the Speedmasters in Vars 2014, he hit 204.313 km/h in the SDH class.