Top Speed S1
190.980 km/h
- Year
- Track
Top Speed S2
189.350 km/h
- Year
- Track
First S1 Season
Year of birth
190 cm
100 kg


Speed 1

Maxime Riviera


Maxime Riviera started Speed Skiing in 2014. He did two seasons in the SDH class (now known as S2) and reached an overall position of 8th in 2015.

In 2016 he started racing in the S1 class. His first race was in Vars, France and he set a personal record of 190.98 km/h on the Chabrieres track. In 2017 he finished at a total 21th position in the S1 category of the FIS Speed Skiing World Cup. His best races was in the difficult Headwalls track in Sun Peaks, Canada where he landed two 12'th position finishes.

For the 2018 season Maxime is aiming to break the 200 km/h barrier in S1.

Maxime is also involved in Speed Monoski and set the first Swiss record in 2015 with a speed of 159.835 km/h. The following year he improved the Swiss National record to 163.414 km/h.

In the autumn 2017 Maxime set the first Indoor Speed Monoski record at 74.59 km/h in the Snow Valley Indoor Skiing Arena in Peer, Belgium.

When Maxime is not pursuing high speeds in the steepest slopes in the world, he is the director and a ski instructor of the Alpine Ski School in Zermatt. You can even take private lessons from him there!