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176.830 km/h
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Speed 2

Jeffrey Mika

United States

Jeffrey Mika is a US speed skier in the S2 category.

Jeffrey was born in Michigan, USA. He started skiing at the age of 5. In the early 2000's he raced alpine racing in the Tahoe BAC league. However, he always wanted to try speed ski already since he first saw it in the 70-80's in the program Wide World of Sports.

In 2016 Jeffrey finally put things in motion and signed up to the SDH class in the World Cup races at Sun Peaks. He placed 10'th in his first race, precisely in the middle of the results list. Decidedly he would race next season in Europe in order to ski faster race tracks and achieve higher speeds.

Jeffrey started his 2017 season with a 9'th place in the World Cup race in Sweden, and 10th' in the World Championships in the SDH class using standard production FIS approved downhill equipment.

In Andorra 2017 he claimed a personal best at 176,83 km/h. His results improved quickly as he finished 8'th, 4'th and then a podium 3'rd place!

Jeffrey's key to the speed is keeping skis very flat to the ground. Many racers get on the inside edges as the speeds increase, but Jeff manages to keep them flat which gives him an advantage.

For the 2018 season he will race in the S2 category which replaces the SDH class, with FIS downhill equipment and no aerodynamical improvements allowed.

In the off season Jeffrey is an active outdoorsman, but he also enjoys cycling, motorcycles and open wheel formula race cars.