Top Speed S2
168.040 km/h
- Year
- Track
Year of birth
170 cm
67 kg

Speed 2

Hiroyoshi Tanazawa


Hiroyoshi Tanazawa is a Japanese speed skier in the S2 class.

Hiroyoshi was born in Tokyo 1957. He is brought up on snow surfing and powder skiing. In the 80's Hiroyoshi worked as a ski patroller in Hakuba. He also enjoys endurance events. In 1991 he completed the Hawaii Iron man. Nowadays he lives in the powder paradise Niseko since 16 years, where he lives as a skier, surfer and cyclist.

Hiroyoshi Tanazawa made his FIS Speed Ski World Cup debut in 2017, racing in the SDH class, using standard FIS DH equipment. During the World Cup finals 2017, Tanazawa reached a top speed of 168.04 km/h.

For 2018 he will race in the S2 class which is replacing the SDH class.