Top Speed S1
217.786 km/h
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Top Speed S2
211.020 km/h
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- Track
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Speed 1

Gregory Meichtry


Gregory Meichtry is a Swiss athlete in the Speed 1 class.

Gregory is the World Record holder for fastest speed using FIS Downhill equipment, 211,020 km/h. 

He started racing in 2008 in Verbier in the SDH class. He won his first race. Already his second race he skied 174.34 km/h. In 2009, his second year, he raced in Vars and reached a speed of 195.758 km/h, and won. This is very close to the magic limit of 200 km/h for skiers with standard downhill equipment. In 2013 he set the Swiss national SDH record with a speed of 209.67 km/h at the World Championships.

Gregory changed to the S1 class for the 2014 season. However, for the Speed Masters he made an attempt at the SDH World Record and succeeded! 211.020 km/h.

For the season 2017, following the birth of his twins, Gregory chose to return to SDH in order to have more time with the family. He won every race he started including the World Championships. He is changing back to S1 again for the 2018 World Cup season.

Gregory Lives in Geneva in Switzerland. When the winter season is over, he usually prepares for the next by mountainbiking.