Photo: Theo Loustau Cazalet
Top Speed S1
251.397 km/h
- Year
- Track
Top Speed S2
200.780 km/h
- Year
- Track
Les Arcs
First S1 Season
Year of birth
182 cm
82 kg



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Speed 1

Bastien Montes


Bastien Montes is a French alpine skier specializing in Speed Skiing. He is not a purist thou, he's a seasoned freestyler and a keen freerider. Not to mention a Surfer.

He was born December 17, 1985 in Pau in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, and has lived most of his life on skis. He started speed skiing already at an age of 6. His first record was 48 km/h!

In 2002, Les Arcs, Bastien beats the SDH junior World Record with a speed of 200.780 km/h using normal downhill equipment. Bastien makes the switch to the Speed 1 Senior class in 2006, struggling the first races, but then quickly climbs in positions. Since 2007 he has constantly been in the top 10.

An accident in training, an ACL tear, prevented Bastien from competing in 2016.
In 2017 he came back with a vengeance! On March 25, 2017, he was crowned World Speed Ski Champion in Idre (Sweden). Next he won the 2017 Speed Masters of Vars (France) with a speed of 251.397 km/h. Finally he received the Crystal Globe, winning the total FIS Speed Ski World Cup.

Bastien currently lives in Tarbes in the Hautes-Pyrénées.