Top Speed S1
232.408 km/h
- Year
- Track
First S1 Season
Year of birth
178 cm
69 kg

Speed 1

Antonio Renaldo


Antonio Renaldo is an Italian speed ski racer in the S1 class.

Antonio was born in Turin. He started skiing as a 9 year old.

Antonio was following speed ski since he was young. He went to Cervinia with his family, and he watched the races there. In 1988 he started speed skiing himself.

For a number of years, Les Arcs was almost his home track. He passed through 200 the first time in 1996 in the Swiss Championship with a speed of 202.931 km/h. Antonio has never sought World Cup total positions, but has been focusing primarily on the really fast races in Europe.

In 2013 he hit 231,518 km/h at the Speed Masters in Vars. He has kept improving his record with 232.108 km/h in 2014 edition of the Speed Masters and 232.408 km/h in 2015.

Antonio lives in Biella in close range to the beautiful mountains of Aosta and Piedmont. He is the current Italian veteran (40+) record holder. Antonio is also a soccer player and runs a football 7 team in Biella.