Billy brothers back in the World Cup

Simon Billy has been chasing the all out World Record for three years, completely dedicating him to the Chabrières track. For this year, he's finally back in the WC circus again. Simon's brother Louis Billy is also planning on racing the full season. The brothers are joining World Cup winner Bastien Montes in the French Speed Ski Team, which looks to be very strong for the season!
We asked Simon about it.

What made you decide to take up the World Cup again?

  • - I decided to take up the WC again because i feel the need to race, take the start more than only one time in the winter for the speed masters. It will be a good training, race in Canada, Sweden, Finland, Andorra. It's important to be ready for the D-day in Vars, for the record. I want to travel and enjoy the trip with my speedskier friends.
  • - I think that it's important for the sport that the fastest guys compete on the World Cup circuit. I want to show respect to other races organizers. Vars is not the only place to speed ski in the world. ^^

What track are you looking forward most to?

  • - I don't know, i don't really know the other tracks, i like Andorra because it's a safe track and the organisation is perfect there. I'm excited about discovering the other tracks.

What is the difference between World Record attempts and World Cup racing?

  • - Vars, Chabrières, the Speed Masters, that's Speed Skiing for me... Ski over 250 km/h is my Life, my passion, my dream. I was born to do that, i grew up with this. This feeling we have when we start from the top of Chabrières is just crazy, only a few skiers can do that. It's a human challenge, if you are not physically, technically and mentally prepared, you can't do that. I live for that...
  • - The World Cup it's more about sport, running after something big, the crystal globe. You need to perform all the winter, working hard to be the best race after race. Simone Origone is the perfect example of the hard worker. What he did for years on the World Cup is just crazy and i admire that. I would like to see more fast races on the World Cup but we all know that it's difficult to find new slopes and organize races.
    I think we all need to thank all the World Cup organizers for they hard work. KL need them, MERCI!

Simon is a fast racer, currently top third fastest speed ever with 252.809 km/h. Louis with a personal best of 241.125 km/h is a proven top class racer. It will be very interesting to see them challenge the top racers in the World Cup circuit. A very welcome comeback!