Successful Speed Ski Promotion Event in Belgium

Joost Vandendries held a very successful promotion event for the Speed Skiing sport in Belgium. National TV and press was there when he set a new National Record in Indoor Speed Skiing in the Snow Valley Indoor Ski Arena in Peer, Belgium. He was originally aiming to beat Jan Farrell's current World Record from 2015. In the end, the slope was only fast enough for 89 km/h. To be fair, it wasn't perfectly prepared for Speed Skiing with 2 quite large bumps. Joost figures that he could have come closer, but today it wasn't possible to beat Jan Farrell.

The main obstacle with Indoor Speed Skiing is the restricted length of the slope. When outdoor there is a huge breaking area, but indoors, there is a wall at the end of the slope coming at you in full speed. How late are you going to break?

There were 4 new Indoor World Records produced in other disciplines:
Maxime Riviera from Switzerland set the first Indoor Speed Monoski Record at 74 km/h. Maxime's fastest outdoor Monoski speed is 163,141 km/h from Vars in 2016. Softboot snowboarder and current Brittish record holder Rupert Cawte set an Indoor Snowboard Speed Record at 72 km/h. He has previously outdoor done 152 km/h in Vars huge track. Mathieu Verlinden, the Belgian reigning Freestyle and Freeride Champion set the new Switch (backwards) Speed Skiing Record with 71 km/h.
Finally Katrien Aerts, current female Belgian Freeride And Freestyle Champion, former World Cup podium and Olympic Athlete skied 68 km/h Switch.

Maxime was happy with the event and how the slope felt. He said that the biggest problem is that you have to break early, not to hit the wall. He is looking forward to the coming season and aims to improve his fastest time in Vars.

Watch the event here: