Indoor Speed Skiing World Record Attempt

On Tuesday 24/10, Belgian Racer Joost Vandendries is doing a World Record attempt in Snow Valley indoor ski arena in Peer, Belgium. He's trying to beat the 2 year old Indoor Speed Skiing World Record of Jan Farrell. The current World Record is 104,956 km/h and was set on 18/5 in the Amnéville ski hall.

The World Record attempt is a part of a campaign in order to bring more visibility for the Speed Skiing sport in Belgium. We hope to see more followers in an area where Speed Skiing is not very common.

Joost has been in preparations during the summer and has done some very promising tests in Snow Valley indoor ski arena where the World Record Attempt is being made this next tuesday. The arena has also hosted the French, USA, and Finnish alpine ski teams during september and is known for hospitality and always good conditions.

He has also been to Hepia University Geneva running successful wind tunnel tests. The results will be of even more importance during the first race of the FIS Speed Ski World Cup in Vars, France where the speeds will be around 200 km/h and the aerodynamics really comes into play. Still opening the window on the highway makes you realise that aerodynamics is important even in 100 km/h.

Joost has done the preparations and the track is ready. Will we see a new World Record?