Photo: Carl Ribbegårdh



Important changes in classes for 2018

The big news from the FIS autumn meeting in Zürich, Switzerland, is the changes in the class known as SDH. It is now becoming the new class S2 and is no longer a part of the World Cup.

SDH (Speed Downhill) has been a feeder class for S1, with equipment rules exactly the same as in the FIS Alpine Downhill (DH) event. The class is now from the 2018 season renamed to S2 (Speed 2) to better indicate that it is a feeder class rather than a separate alpine event. S2 is not a part of the FIS World Cup series, and will not either be part of the FIS Speed Skiing World Championships. The S2 races will be pure FIS races.

The changes are made to emphasize what Speed Ski is, a challenge for all out top speeds with optimized equipment. To answer the question; what is the fastest speed somebody could ski here ever?

The classes for 2018

Speed 1 - S1

  • FIS World Cup Events
  • Rubber suits
  • Leg fairings
  • Aerodynamic helmets
  • 238 cm skis (Between 2.20 and 2.40m)

Speed 2 - S2

  • FIS Races
  • FIS approved alpine DH suits
  • No aerodynamical improvements
  • Standard FIS DH Helmet
  • DH 210-225 cm skis (Must be standard production, FIS approved)